Hive OS : A Monitoring and Management Platform For Mining Rigs

Due to the exponential growth of cryptocurrency, many people started mining for them with multiple GPUs. Group of these GPUs with a motherboard is called as a mining rig. Many people have multiple mining rigs running at a given time which has to be monitored continuously for safety and performance reasons. There are not many platforms which allow easy management and continuous monitoring of rigs giving notifications when something is wrong, one of them is HiveOS.

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Hive OS provides a modified Linux image which can be installed on a pen drive with very less initial configuration required which hardly take five minutes. Once the initial setup is done we can monitor our rigs from a web-based dashboard.


  • Clean dashboard with easy access to information such as hashrate and temperature.
  • Telegram Notifications for rig offline/online events and messages.
  • Hashrate Watchdog to reboot rig on hashrate drop in case of driver error or faulty miner.
  • Multiple Accounts for tech admins and clients.
  • Second Miner, you can run two miners at a time, CPU miner or separate miners for AMD and Nvidia cards.
  • Easy WiFi configuration.
  • Easy Switching miners and wallets from dashboard
  • API for your custom function, docs are here
  • Can be installed on any Flash drive or SSD, HDD.
  • Supports mixed AMD and Nvidia setups.

Supported Miners:

  • Claymore Dual Ethereum Miner
  • Claymore ZCash AMD GPU Miner
  • Claymore CryptoNote AMD GPU Mine
  • Bminer Equihash miner
  • ethminer
  • ccminer (forks tpruvot alexis nanashi klaust xevan djm34 sp-mod phi-anxmod rvn)
  • EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner
  • dstm’s ZCash Cuda miner
  • sgminer (forks gm nicehash gatelessgate phi djm34)
  • XMR Stak AMD Nvidia CPU
  • XMR Stak CPU

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